Swingcut Scissor
Swingcut Scissor
Swingcut Scissor


Swingcut Scissor

Sale priceRp 182.000

Brand: Raymay Fuji


Light cutting scissors with a newly developed swinging structure for a pulling effect.

By shifting the fulcrum position from the center of the blade, the scissors can be cut while being pulled, instead of simply being pushed.

In order to maximize the pulling effect, a thick asymmetrical handle is adopted, which fits the hand and easily transmits force to the scissors when cutting.

Soft elastomer resin inside the handles reduces the impact of cutting and the clacking sound of the handles hitting each other.

The shifted fulcrum enables the object to hit the fulcrum as it is being cut, guiding the finished object as it flows downward for smooth cutting.

Soft elastomer resin with optimum hardness of 60% is used to prevent finger pain and facilitate the transmission of subtle force.

Two-stage blade processing prevents blade spillage during cutting and ensures long-lasting sharpness.

The product won both the Japan Stationery Award for Excellence in the Functional Category and the Good Design Award.